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What's New? Well, this spanking new overhaul of my website for one - we badly needed an update and so, here it is: easier to read, and certainly more convenient for both me and you. Enjoy! Thanks to Jorge Infante, webmaster extraordinaire, for all the work.

Here's what else is new:
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Casserole Warmers
For months, people have been asking me if I didn't stock casserole warmers. It took me a while to try out various methods of making one, various sizes, but I think I've come up with a very workable and handy unit. Here it is, made of organically grown cotton and cotton batting, with two handles for easy carrying, and tie tags on front to open it for easy insertion of your lidded casserole. This warmer will fit a large 14 ins x 14 ins square casserole dish, a small 12 ins x 12 ins square casserole dish, or a rectangular 14 ins x 8 ins casserole dish - all with lids. The patterns are colorful, and there's an A&M one, a Longhorns one, A Texas Tech one....
Skillet Grabbers/Spectacle Cases
My husband loves to cook with an iron skillet. The handle of that gets very warm and he has burned himself quite a few times on that - so I made a skillet grabber, which fits snugly over the handle, and which can be left on the skillet while it's being used. So - I lost my spectacles case one day, and grabbed one of his skillet grabbers to stuff the spectacles in it - and whoopee! it worked!! I make them in bright colors so they are easy to find, wherever I leave them lying around, or in the deep and murky depths of my backpack/handbag. I've even seen some people use these to keep their i-phone or cell phone in. Whatever works!

Problems with Tree Skirt Material
Because the big shops (as in WalMart, JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics et al..) stopped ordering tree skirt material a couple of years ago, the mills in S. Korea, Japan and China have almost completely discontinued printing any tree skirt material. That means that I have to get creative.... and I've had my feelers out everywhere to acquire any tree skirt panels which are available online, in old stocks, in Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland, and from quilters who are retiring. So now I have a pieced tree skirt, which you'll like, and am working on another pattern. These are reversible, like the other tree skirts, and the table runners, the table toppers, and... You'll like these. Each one is unique.

The Table Toppers
I had a box of triangular-shaped cutoffs from making the long table runners, and kept it, thinking that, one, day, I'd think of something to make with this treasure trove of colors. A year or so ago I started to put them together in squares and to play around with those squares - and what evolved is a reversible (of course!) table topper - something very decorative which you can put on your side tables, or place a couple of them along the center of your dining table, or just use one as a decorative centerpiece - place a crystal bowl full of apples to catch the colors of the topper, or a tall, elegant candlestick. They are reversible; Christmas one side Fall the other, or Spring, or Seashells, or St. Patrick's Day, or Valentine's Day.... there's no end to the variations. I made one recently on order for a musician, Bach one side, Irving Berlin the other. That's the fun part....