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Check out some of my favorite web sites!

fantastic Ireland website, everything you want to know, or need to know, or wished you knew about the Emerald Isle.

Irish Independent newsgroup, Ireland's biggest national newspaper has lots of links of its own. Get the daily news as it happens in Ireland.

Irish national television network (Radio Telefis Eireann). What a site!

Celebrating 30+ years in San Antonio. Join for classes, competitions, feiseanna, or just for the fun of it.

Web site for all things Irish, in Irish. Practice your language skills; it's easier than you think.

Archeological school based on Achill Island, Co. Mayo (west coast of Ireland). The school is devoted to the study of the Deserted Village on Achill's Slievemore Mountain, a settlement dating to Pre-Historic times and deserted by its inhabitants during the Great Famine of 1845-1848. Has a Summer study and lecture program for students and all those interested in archeology and Celtic culture. Good source of info on Irish archeology. An "outlier" school of Trinity University, Dublin.

The website will put you in contact not only with bed and breakfast houses and inns, but also with hotels, large and small, and with privately owned homes for rent. We have found in the past that the last is the best way to see Ireland. Rent a car, and use a rental holiday home as a center to travel around or just stay in one place; you get to know the Irish and the country on the most personal level. For years we rented a house from Steven and Rosaleen Corrigan on Achill Island in Ireland's wild and beautiful West. Their houses are cozy and very well appointed, and Steve and Rosaleen live next door. To check them out, go to